What we do?

  • We design gamification solutions.
  • We make games.
  • We build future learning solutions.
  • We help our customers to build game development competences and teams.
With our experience the result is guaranteed!


Gamification creates fun!!

People love games! They love the joy games are generating, every player enjoy it. Every day, 40 million of them are competing in the virtual world, spending a total of 3 billion hours a week to play. Games offer us pleasure and relaxation, and they reward for taking on the challenge. A well-designed gamification develop a commitment of your customers and / or employees to challenge, fully submerging in the virtual world and focus on the task the game generates.


Gamification in team management /Human Resources

More and more companies are reaching for non-standard methods for team management, recruitment and deployment tasks newer employee.


Gamification in Marketing
and Sales

If the current formula of actions and solutions ceased to be attractive, we encourage you to build customer engagement through the use of proven mechanisms for decades used in computer games to draw the player in new missions and challenges.


Gamification in Trainings
and Education

As in other areas, gamification involves an appropriate design of teaching process and the measurement and evaluation of learning outcomes to the final build educational environment similar action to the game and thus encourage to use it as a challenge. This is done by offering participants to the objectives defined in both the short and long term, with clear rules and mechanisms of action of immediate feedback on the progress achieved.

About us

We are a group of enthusiasts combining business practice with a passion for game design. We have several years of experience both in supporting business processes and creation of computer games.


If you would like to know how we can help you design, implement and audit gamification solutions - please contact us. We are pleased to meet you to present the benefits that your business can achieve with the implementation of a well-designed gamification.

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